~Contoh-contoh Surat Resign~

Dalam rangka siap-siap mau resign, hari ini googling template/specimen/contoh-contoh SURAT RESIGN 😀

Source : milis BALITA ANDA

Dear Sir

I have been thinking a great deal recently about
balancing my career objectives with my family like and
after much deliberation I have decided to resign for
the next month 

I will take on leave since... for... month...
and effective ...
I'll be terminating my employment at PTMI 

I have truly enjoyed my experience in consulting and 
pre sales activities at the company, along with the
friends I have made 

Please be assured that I will extend every effort to 
make departure as smooth a transition as possible. I
wish PTMI much success in the future.

Dear Sir, 

Please accept my resignation from IPMI, effective 
December 29, 1996. I have recently been offered an 
opportunity in the US Commercial Center, and have 
decided that this position best suit my future
career plan.  

Leaving IPMI was not an easy decision. IPMI was the 
first company I worked for. A year-plus experience with 
IPMI have both personally and professionally rewarding 
and I appreciate the interest you have shown in my career 
since I joined the company, especially by giving me 
opportunity to continue my study. I wish the company only 
the best for the future. I will always be proud to say I 
started my career with IPMI. 

I wish for your understanding in my decision and apologize 
for the inconvenience caused by my leaving. Within a month, 
I will transfer all my responsibilities to the persons in charge. Once again, I thank you and
IPMI for giving me so much.  

 Sincerely yours, 


January 2, 2001
PT ....................
Attn. Mr. 

Dear Sir,
Herewith I would like to inform that due to personal 
reasons, I would like to resign from PT ........
effective from (date). Thank you very much for the 
opportunity that this company gives to me for last five 

Sincerely yours,


Jakarta, 26 May 2000 

Mr. ........
(company name)
(complete address) 

Re : Resignation Letter 

Dear Mr./ Mrs......., 

After a serious considerable thought and soul-searching. 
I have decided to resign my position as an ..... in..... 
effective on ......... I assure you it was not an easy 
decision to make, and I want to acknowledge with deep 
thanks your much kindness and support to me during the years 
I worked with you. 

Although I have enjoyed working with you and have learned 
a great deal from the training I received from you, but 
I would really like to pursue another career which is 
more challenging and promising for my future advancement. 

My best wishes to you always. Don't be surprised to get 
some telephone calls from me, asking for advice and perhaps 
a sympathetic broad shoulder. I value the experiences I have 
received at ...(company's name)..., and I'm confident that 
it will be very useful to me in my  future career. 

Sincerely yours, 


5 thoughts on “~Contoh-contoh Surat Resign~

  1. Wah Ibhetz mo konsen ke bikin dede buat Raha ya makanya mo quit? *nyebar gosyip*

    Turut berduka utk kantornya tp selamat dan good luck utk mamanya Raha 😀


    • lho..kalo soal itu gak sempet nunggu resign jeng.. dah blendung lage neh..dah 4 bulan lebih xixixixixixix.. 😀

      maacih ya auntie han.. 😉


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